Conscious Eating & Meditation

"Food plays an important role in the process of expanding human consciousness. It can be used both to facilitate and hinder this process. Oftentimes, you use food to numb yourself and stop feeling. Food becomes a symbol in the which you project your negated feelings. And in that way it becomes a compulsion."

Sri Prem Baba

union of body, mind, spirit

Each being is unique, with its peculiarities. We react differently to food. Therefore, silencing and feeling is essential to understanding how your body works, what kind of food makes your mind more dispersed or more focused. Silence! Feel!

Deconstruct, doubt and seek your conclusions.

We are loving beings, we are spiritual beings in a human body. This is not religion. It's a fact proven by science.

Benefits of Meditation

The effects of this practice on the human organism and behavior have been much studied nowadays, despite the fact that meditation has been practiced for millennia in the spiritual philosophies of the East.

Studies show that meditation can also help reduce negative and ruminant thoughts, improve attention, physical health and the quality of family and professional relationships.

Our life is governed by the series of beliefs that are active in our unconscious. That command our feelings and the way we act. If you want to change the outcome in your life, check your beliefs. What do you believe is true?

Other surveys also show that people who have been practicing meditation for a longer period of time and on a regular basis are happier, emotionally stable, confident and calm.

Some verified benefits:

  • reducing stress levels;

  • increased ability to concentrate;

  • increased memory capacity;

  • development of logical-mathematical reasoning;

  • development of creativity;

  • significant reduction in violence;

  • balance of the emotional field;

  • chronic pain reduction;

  • reduction in generalized anxiety;

  • increased immunity.

Toxic Foods:

  • Sugar;

  • Carbohydrates.

Meditating Songs: